Handy little application, much better than all the notes I had lying around.

- Jamal M

Just purchased your software last night, great little program as we are only small breeders.

- Corey P

It is a great little tool, and now my notes don’t get rubbed off the fridge by mistake anymore.

- Fiona

This program will be a must for every backyard breeder in the country.

- Anonymous

Very impressed with it.

- Aaron

What we do

Red Poultry We design and develop windows and web applications for poultry hobbyists and farmers.

Incubation Sheet (FREE)

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FREE download of an incubation record sheet. Print a copy and write down the details of the incubation.

Online Calculators

Calculate feed consumption per bird

Enter the amount of feed consumed in kg, the number of birds, and the time it has taken for the food to be consumed, to find out how much each bird has eaten in grams approx.

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Get organised this breeding season!

Incubation Manager for Poultry & GameBirds

Incubation Manager Incubation Manager was designed to be simple and easy to use. Set your eggs in the incubator, add the details into the software and get reminded days before your hatch is due when you turn on your computer. Calculate your hatch rate, view your data graphed, and print out your records.

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About Red Poultry

Red Poultry We create simple solutions to help you manage your hobby or farm. Red Poultry is an online development shop aimed at serving poultry & gamebird keepers worldwide. Do you require customised software, reporting, or a website? We can create applications through our network of developers.

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