• Does the software come on CD? No,its via digital download only.
  • Does the application run on Windows7? Yes,currently we support XP,Vista, Windows 7 32 bit editions.
  • What is the minimum screen resolution? The screen resolution can be no smaller than 1024x768.
  • Is the application compatible with MACs or Linux? No, only Windows OS supported, though a Java version of the application is planned.
  • I don't have a PayPal account, how do I purchase the application? PayPal allows you to pay by credit card without having an account or becoming a member.
  • Can you customise the application for me? Yes we can. Let us know what changes are required and we will provide a quote.
  • Do I receive free updates of the software? No. Only customers who purchased the Basic Edition are eligible for a free upgrade to the Golden Egg Edition.
  • I have a Type of bird not listed in the dropdown, what options do I have? You can select the "Other" Type or you can enter your own Type by typing into the dropdown box directly.
  • How does the reminder work? Incubation Manager writes a value to the registry allowing it to run on startup. We cannot guarantee this will be reliable as it is governed by the operating system.
  • How do I access the software download after I purchase it? Once payment is successfully made to PayPal, and email is sent the email address you specified in your payment or the email bound to your PayPal account.
  • What happens if I discover a bug in the application? If the bug is not environment related, we will attempt to fix and republish as soon as we can.
  • Does the application come in FRENCH? No, not currently. This will be reviewed upon more demand.
  • Does it allow you to add weight loss during incubation? No, not currently.
  • Is the hatch rate calculated automatically or manually entered? Its automatically calculated.


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Incubation Period By Bird Type

Predefined Type Period
Chicken 21 days
Duck 28 days
Emu 46 days
Goose 30 days
Guineafowl 26 days
Ostrich 39 days
Peafowl 28 days
Pheasant 23 days
Pigeon 17 days
Quail 16 days
Turkey 28 days
Partridge 24 days
In cases where a type contains a heavy and light breed, the incubation period of the light breed is displayed.